Saturday, October 27, 2012

Literary Pandora

Borderlands 2 fans have been quick to point out the video-game Easter eggs spread throughout Pandora. So far, we have MinecraftDark Souls, and Bioshock. Also, we have a subtle reference to Donkey Kong in the name of a bullymong found in Eridium Blight, Donkey Mong. I'm sure there are more, but what I'm wondering is, has anyone noticed any of the literary references in the game? Take the jump to read about a few that I have found.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Lost on Pandora

I am 115 hours into Borderlands 2, and I'm loving it (obviously). There have been a few angry moments, but, overall, I have had great fun shootin', lootin', and causing chaos on my own and, especially, with my co-op partner Oatmeal25.

Last night, though, (Saturday, Oct. 13th) Oatmeal was not available, so I decided to do a side mission solo to collect a little XP, some eridium, and some cash (that I lost due to several deaths and much ammo-purchasing the night before that). I equipped my level-39 Siren with a Merciful Nurse mod (essentially, a team health regeneration mod) and a relic that increases the chance of rare loot-drops, and headed out to Frostburn Canyon to pursue the side mission called Cult of the Firehawk. The mission description had it listed as "normal" difficulty, so I figured it would pretty straightforward. I was wrong.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Monday Music

New Exit Calm is out, and it is excellent.

The new SULK disc should be out soon, too. The future of music looks good.

And here is something from the past. It was played at the end of an episode of Fringe that I saw on Saturday night. It's a simple, yet powerful and evocative song. When I heard those first few notes again, I was transported back to another time.